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Customer orientation is firmly anchored in the corporate philosophy of ISI Automation. Close communication and cooperation with the customer take place throughout the project, from the tendering phase to implementation to project completion. We plan for the long term in constant coordination with the customer in order to guarantee optimum and on-schedule implementation.

Based on long years of experience and innovative concepts, through creativity and flexibility, we ensure that the customer achieves an added value with our products. We offer the customer the optimum solution in a targeted manner by applying the latest development methods and powerful development tools as well as a modular conception.

Permanent evolution of our core competencies, the right infrastructure and a coordinated personnel development programme make ISI Automation your long-term partner.




From the production order to the goods delivered to your customers, you work with a uniform system in a homogeneous surrounding.



ISIPro® being an integrated system offers you all functions to completely support your processes in the planning of production and distribution.





We implement our customers' ideas and wishes in a master plan. With methodological foresight, we prepare a requirement analysis, describe the tasks on hand and define the objectives to be achieved. We prepare fundamental decisions about the use of suitable soft- and hardware and consult our customers comprehensively on the basis of our research results and calculations.




A project is a series of managed activities that are interrelated and must be carried out in a limited time frame. The project management makes sure that these activities take place in a coordinated order so that defined project objectives (costs, schedule, functions) will be reached. Experienced ISI Automation staff supervises the course of the project and is responsible toward the customer for compliance with the jointly developed requirements.




By handling your controls optimally, you will improve the operation of your machinery and equipment. To ensure efficient operation, we train your employees in handling our software.

We make the customer's electricians familiar with our systems, simulate trouble scenarios, and instruct and train the operators optionally before or after the commissioning. The process concludes with the machine support we provide after the system has been handed over or after production has started.




During the commissioning phase, our technicians consolidate all components originating from ISI Automation. The control cabinets made according to ISI Automation documentation are tested with respect to the interaction of the software generated by ISI Automation and the facilities and machines to be automated. Optimisation is carried out and the plant is subjected to a stress and performance test. The customer's operators are familiarised with the systems, trained and instructed.




ISI Automation GmbH & Co. KG offers its customers a comprehensive support concept. Qualified maintenance staff in all solution segments is available on hotline.

The customer systems are accessed remotely via secured connections. The direct system support is thus ensured in any case, independent of the geographical distance.

As an ISI Automation customer, you can choose between support during normal business hours from 8.30 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. and all-round support on a 24/7 basis. Get in touch with us to discuss your individual requirements.

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