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The success of a modernisation stands and falls with the choice of the right partner. We offer modernisation solutions across manufacturers and disciplines from a single source. We can, for instance, upgrade storage and retrieval vehicles and conveying systems to a uniform state of the art.

The goals of a modernisation are usually quick to define: higher performance, improved energy efficiency, more reliable availability. Depending on the age of the plant, questions of spare parts supply or the replacement of discontinued software and components are often on the agenda.

Despite all things in common, the way to the goal does differ from plant to plant. Because the best solution in each individual case depends on multiple factors that need to be considered in the analysis, planning and implementation. As independent specialists, we possess the capability to devise a holistic modernisation concept and to implement it as well.

The result: turnkey retrofit solutions not only for high-racking warehouses, storage and retrieval vehicles and conveying systems, but also for automatic cranes and assembly lines.
A retrofit project generally focuses on the drives and controls. The return of investment is particularly high here. While, after many years or even decades of use, the mechanical components usually are able to keep up with those of newer assemblies, the situation is different for "intelligent" components. Their development cycles are significantly faster.

Even though most modernisation measures aim at higher reliability, their implementation always poses a risk. After all, the major part of the activities takes place in running operation. One error can easily have fatal consequences. Ideally, production and warehousing processes will not be impaired at all. But other than in new installations, it is not possible to design the project completely on the drawing board. Thorough analysis and meticulous project planning are indispensable and have to take adequate account of the local circumstances. IT infrastructure, structural conditions or the production link were once devised under different circumstances, but they cannot always be changed. We have both the necessary experience and the appropriate tools and resources for implementing an optimum solution even under difficult framework conditions.


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