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ISIPlus® WMV - Warehouse Visualization

Efficient warehouse management at a glance

The increasing complexity of production- and intralogistic-processes demand for a high level of transparency to ensure well-grounded and quick decisions. Professional warehouse management provides the major basics for a good supply-chain-efficiency. High availability with optimal utilization and manageable costs assure long-term success. To phase these three factors you need to know, analyze and manage the warehouse operating figures.

The Task: quick overview, intuitive usability and reduction of complexity for the plant-operators
The Solution: ISIPlus® warehouse visualization

The ISIPlus® warehouse visualization is a reasonable extension for the ISIPlus® warehouse management system. The quickly and easily operated 3-layer-model enables a functional and intuitive overview about all warehouse activities. The solution comes with an optimal functionality to control and monitor different storage locations, storage area groups and stock grounds.

storage locations

ISIPlus® Warehouse Visualization - ease of use

With the ISIPlus® warehouse visualization the level of detail and clarity reached a new era in terms of usability. A clear and informative view of all workloads in a warehouse as never seen before.

Center point is the high-performance and simple presentation of a warehouse irrespective of size, capacity and complexity. Operating figures like "goods receipt", "outgoing goods", "filling degree" and "occupancy" are shown in real time, these figures form the base of specific operative actions. An inter-divisional search function enables the search for different storage locations and up to individual item numbers.

The core of the ISIPlus® WMV is a powerful real-time 3D engine, this engine is used in the ISIPlus® 3D system visualization and is also "industrial environment"-approved.

storage area groups	utilization

Ideal use cases

The ISIPlus® WMV is interbranch applicable and fulfils the required specifications.

Industrial sector:

  • Food industry
  • Mechanical engineering industry
  • Paper industry
  • Automotive industry
  • Logistics

Optimal application area:

  • Control station

A predestinated field of application for the visual add-on from the ISIPlus® warehouse managemant system is the control station. The control station has to make fast and critical decisions. For reliable decisions clearly represented and up to date data is a must-have, to improve the capacity to act and reactivity.

Technological platform: ISIPlus® Manufacturing Execution System

The ISIPlus® modules "warehouse management system" and "warehouse visualization" are part of the ISIPlus® Manufacturing Execution System (MES). This System combines important factors like stability, usability and modularity optimal for time-critical and complex processes in manufacturing plants or logistic facilities.

The ISIPlus® MES is a fully integrated solution from the ERP-level down to the shopfloor-level.


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