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ISIPlus® TMS - Transport Management System

Tapping logistic potential

Along with the growth of a company, the in-house goods transport increase as well. Quick decisions are wanted to meet the challenge of increased transport along the value chain.

The task of transport management, in the beginning easily handled by manpower and forklifts, devours more and more time as the company grows and becomes successively a fulltime job or even impossible.

The logistic principle - the right goods at the right place at the right time - is violated more and more often.
The absence of appropriate buffer zones inevitably results in impairments in the value-added processes. Standstill times of machinery and equipment due to lack of goods thus reduce the efficiency of the entire output performance of a company.

With the Transport Management System ISIPlus® TMS, you can make optimum use of your manpower and forklift fleet. The savings potential and utility value for your company make for a quick return on investment (ROI). You save manpower and forklifts through increased capacity utilisation, less empty runs and interdisciplinary allocation of tasks.

The quality of transport handling will be improved significantly. Consistent data capture and logging ensure the traceability of all transport and logistic tasks. By using the ISIPlus® TMS, you achieve a route-optimised transport control for quick processing of your customer orders.

ISIPlus® - TMS accelerates your order picking.

transport management system overview

Transport management

In this manner, order picking with intelligent routing can take place directly at the pallet space without having to move the entire loading unit to a picking point beforehand. Inventories are done quickly and efficiently with the ISIPlus® TMS. Permanent stocktaking can be conducted parallel to the warehouse operation. Depending on how the applications are used, the implementation of the ISIPlus® TMS normally leads to a rapid ROI.

Technical basis of the TMS

Wireless LAN allows access to network resources by using radio as a transport medium.
In order to ensure WLAN security, we employ current encryption methods used in pure data traffic and add special security techniques according to your requirements.
This allows the ISIPlus® TMS to adjust individually to the security specifications you have defined for your IT infrastructure.
To access the ISIPlus® TMS, terminals are integrated into the WLAN and installed on the forklifts, or made available as cordless hand-held terminals. This way the data are always where they are needed – with your employees.
transport management system
transport management system installation

Functionality of the ISIPlus® TMS

  • Security (access through login card)
  • Processing of transport orders
  • Goods receipt with manual destination
  • Goods receipt with strategy
  • Relocation
  • Goods issue with manual destination
  • Goods issue with strategy


  • Order picking
  • Direct loading
  • Label printing function
  • Requesting info on storage bin stock figures
  • Requesting info on pallets
  • Taking stock for inventory

In der folgenden grafischen Übersicht ist eine beispielhafte Integration von ISIPlus® - TMS in Ihrem Netzwerk dargestellt. Alle Lagerbewegungen werden sofort und in Echtzeit gebucht. Bestandsfehler (Fach voll, Fach leer) können durch den Mitarbeiter jederzeit gemeldet und korrigiert werden.


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