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ISIPlus® PDC - Production Data Collection

Organised manufacturing as a key to your success

The demands on company production areas grow steadily. Flexibility and reliability are just as decisive for corporate success as are full traceability, continuity and quality. Seamless documentation of all processes plays a key role because only those keeping track of the processes within the company can make the right decision. These requirements can be satisfied only by capturing and processing all the data generated in production in a timely manner. To achieve this goal, we have developed ISIPlus® PDC to supplement the ISIPlus® product family.

production and machine data collection terminal
production and machine data collection visualisation

Always an eye on production

ISIPlus® PDC makes sure that all the data are always available wherever they are needed.

Always keep abreast of the current capacity utilisation in production, of the state of systems and equipment, the stock level or your production efficiency. You have the option to have status reports forwarded to various sectors of your business. In addition to receiving timely notification about order processing, this also enables you to send trouble reports from machines directly to the appropriate service department for remedial action.

In the long term, the monitoring of production and performance data will help detect weak points or errors in the system at an early stage without provoking an unscheduled system standstill. Thus increase your productivity through realtime transparency and high system availability.

The benefits for your company

  • Data collection in real time and event-oriented by the worker at the place of origin
  • Minimum acquisition effort due to function barcodes or touch screen terminals
  • Transparency of operations
  • Optimisation of the value chain through realtime data acquisition


  • Reporting of machine malfunctions to facility maintenance
  • Complete data for your ERP/PPS system
  • All resources are integrated into the production control system
  • Quality enhancement within the manufacturing process

Flexible processes – the key to effectiveness

Only defined processes allow the high degree of automation that is necessary to survive in a competitive environment. But equally important is the capacity to change processes and operations in the IT systems of production. New production procedures or adaptation to the markets must be able to be carried out quickly and reliably without having to adapt the entire system software in view of consistent documentation every time. ISIPlus® PDC flexibly adjusts to the requirements of manufacturing. There is no need for long standstill times due to complex changes in software, and so ISIPlus® gives you the flexibility you need in your market.

Collecting data where they originate

The software of ISIPlus® PDC can be used wherever relevant operating data arise. It makes no difference whether the data are entered manually via a computer or are automatically acquired through the MDE at the machines. It is also feasible to input the data by Auto ID via barcodes or RFID technology. Consistent and full capture of all relevant data lays the groundwork for a holistic consideration of your processes and performance data. Traceability and quality feedback included.

The functionality of the PDC

  • Master data management (articles, customers, ...)
  • Resource management (machines, scanners, ...)
  • Traceability of finished goods and raw materials (batch tracking)
  • Target/actual comparison of production orders
  • Message and logging system
  • Visualisation of production area
  • High-performance reporting system for analysis of key performance indicators Data export (Excel, PDF, ...)

Keeping an eye on key figures

The reporting system of the PDC software offers you a quick and continuous overview and evaluation of the key performance indicators:

Production data evaluation


  • Production quantity per day
  • Production lead time
  • Production output
  • Production statistics
  • Downtimes
  • Utilisation rate
  • and many more

Detailed overview

  • Production time
  • Set-up times
  • Failure times
  • Pre-production
  • and many more
production and machine data collection ISIPlus integration

Integration as an added value factor

Through a competent and compact solution from a single source, you improve the system readiness of your manufacturing systems, push for on-time delivery of your goods and shorten your warehousing cycles.

ISIPlus® MDC - Machine Data Collection

Production data – the indicator for your productivity

Successful production control always requires current data from production. In this context, realtime collection and dynamic transmission of data becomes the primary criterion for the evaluation of productive efficiency.

System integration

The integration of the ISIPlus® MDC into your machinery is flexible and efficient. Machines and data are homogenised for further use.

The ISIPlus® MDC always guarantees the perfect flow of information between planning and production. With the ISIPlus® PDC, the machine data can be fully integrated into the production data.

ISIPlus® MDC is easily scalable and, through appropriate parameterisation, adjustable to specific customer requirements. This ensures comprehensive mapping of the processes and the associated material, machines and products.

planning and control of production

The ISIPlus® MDC uses the incoming messages, meter readings, etc., of the machines directly for indicating the current state of production. Only the combination of MDC data and the functions of the leading system guarantees qualified planning and control of the production processes.

Re-tooling and processing times can be reduced and optimised with the help of this information. At the same time, stocks of raw and semi-finished materials in production and warehouse are drastically reduced.

Some essential machine data

  • Output (number of parts and/or good parts)
  • Number of bad parts
  • Set-up times
  • Processing times
  • Utilisation of machines and resources in your company


  • Reporting of machine malfunctions to the machine status data
  • Information on running times in the respective production area
  • Availability and reliability

Adherence to schedules

Capital tied up in the company is considerably reduced and with the better planning you can achieve an essential improvement of schedule performance in production.

The use and evaluation of your machine data can thus become a significant factor of performance increase in production with the result of an improved competitiveness of your company.

Possible solutions

ISIPlus® offers a multitude of possible solutions for the quick and successful handling of tasks in the various fields of manufacturing.

Daily machine fault report

  • Reason for fault
  • Downtimes
  • Production times
  • Utilisation rate
  • and many more

Monthly and annual machine report

  • Set-up times
  • Production times
  • Interruption times
  • Production output
  • Scrap
  • and many more

The functionality of ISIPlus® MDC

  • Resource management (machines, interfaces, ...)
  • Synchronised integration into ISIPlus® PDC
  • Target/actual comparison of production orders between ISIPlus® MDC and ISIPlus® PDC
  • Message and logging system
  • Visualisation of production area
  • High-performance reporting system for analysis of key performance indicators
  • Automatic capture of machine time


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