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ISIPlus® MFC - Material flow computer

Material flow - the pulse of a business

In-house material flows play a key role in increasingly optimised processes. Only if the flow of goods within the company is adjusted to all of the manufacturing processes do you make full use of your plant's potential. This naturally applies both to the present state and to all future developments because flexibility in your production puts you one step ahead of competitors.

ISIPlus® MFC – efficient and yet flexible

The modular and parameterisable Material Flow Computer of the ISIPlus® product family controls any material movement in incoming goods, production and shipping. The open structure of the ISIPlus® MFC allows you to adapt it directly to any plant you may have.

material flow computer overview
Use the simple parameterisation of the ISIPlus® MFC and configure your plant, including conveying system, for the later control of material flows.

The connection between the software and the actual conveying system is accomplished by the ISIPlus® DIS (Data Integration Service). In this way, nearly any machine and nearly any part of the conveying system can be controlled and evaluated.

Thus, instead of adjusting your technical equipment to the software, the software will adapt to your plant and your requirements.

Material flow

Success requires the right strategy

Der ISIPlus® - ® MFC manages your material flows just the way you need them. Dynamic strategies ensure that during normal operation your plant is always run with optimum parameters.

Transparency in material movement

ISIPlus® - MFC records all material movements within your plant

The integrated visualisation displays your entire plant dynamically at runtime. The plant engineering is mouse-controlled in the visualisation. Complex systems thus become easy to control.

The graphic evaluation allows you, for instance, to monitor the capacity utilisation of a rack serving unit and have optimisation potential displayed. You achieve optimum transparency regarding the material flow within your company.

Failure safety

A consistent aspect in the development of the ISIPlus® MFC was the focus on failure safety of the system. In applications where faults in the control technology already lead to incalculable risks, the ISIPlus® MFC can be run in parallel operation on independent hardware. If a hardware fails, you can continue to work on the substitute system without delay using all data accumulated up to the time of failure, and the plant can continue to operate without any detours.

Consistent communication

The seamless integration of the ISIPlus® software family also allows the ISIPlus® MFC to access all data of the overall application at any time. This enables, e.g., order-specific priorities in the material flow.

In addition, the ISIPlus® DIS permits full communication between ISIPlus® MFC, machine level, the ERP system and other existing IT infrastructure.

Control systems by Siemens or Allen-Bradley are thus just as easily addressable as a higher-ranking SAP system.

Your added value at a glance

  • Increase of productivity
  • Perfect material flow
  • Automatic alternative routing and bin location in case of inventory failure or machine resource problems
  • Transparency in material flow
  • Transport visualisation


  • Visualisation of plant conditions
  • Automatic goods tracking included, tracking on PLC level not necessary
  • Failure safety
  • Individual configuration

Integration as an added value factor

Through a competent and compact solution from a single source, you improve the system readiness of your manufacturing systems, push for on-time delivery of your goods and shorten your warehousing cycles.

material flow computer ISIPlus integration


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