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ISIPlus® HRTM - Human Resources Time Management

Time can be controlled

human resources time management terminal

Reliable, automated data collection plays a major role in the operation of highly efficient plants. Besides the performance data on machines and systems, however, the human being plays the key role. Flexibility in dealing with employees, especially when variable working hours are involved, ensures sustained competence and know-how, but it also required very flexible solutions.

The ISIPlus® HRTM performs the automated collection, management and evaluation of all data with regard to working hours, access authorisation and production times. Simple, flexible and always transparent.

Safety first

The ISIPlus® HRTM offers you the possibility to effectively control the access to your company and your production environment and to protect them against trespassing.

The ISIPlus® HRTM supports all modern technologies, such as RFID and SmartCards and gives you the secure basis to control personalised access to locations and machines. This allows you to implement comprehensive security concepts granting employees access, for example, shift-related or on the basis of other timetables.

In the event of abuse or loss, paths and access routes can be traced and individual transponders disabled immediately. Costly changes to locking systems, such as when a key is lost, are then a thing of the past.

Ahead of competition with consistent data capture

The acceptance by the staff and the full range of functions lay the groundwork for a successful human resources time management. In this, flexibility is just as important as intuitive operation and the presence of input elements wherever your employees are.

ISIPlus® HRTM as a universal solution for your time management tasks is designed for use in every typical environment.

In the production facility

Your staff will use booking terminals placed at central locations. Every solution can be used here, from the Thin Client to the premium industrial PC for all environmental conditions.

At the office

your staff will use the ISIPlus® Tray and register directly with the HR time management logging on and off with their personal user name and password.

On the go

Your staff will use the company's own VPN access or an encrypted Internet connection for booking their times directly in the web interface of ISIPlus® HRTM.

For everything else

You use the SOAP-compliant interface and thus have every freedom to integrate the ISIPlus® HRTM into existing workflows and SOA-enabled software architectures.

Intuitive and rapid access to everything

ISIPlus® HRTM provides functions for all routine processes in a company's time recording.

Working hours

Use "Come" and "Leave" bookings to quickly and safely record the daily working hours and have your business errands managed by the system. This way, every member of staff has a transparent view of all his/her working time account data.

human resources time management


Centrally record sick reports and planned longer absences such as, e.g., military or alternative civilian service and special leave.


Record your staff's holiday leave quickly and safely. Store the quotas for holiday leave days or overtime thus allowing your staff direct access to current leave entitlement. To simplify in-company processes, employees can enter their leave requests directly in the ISIPlus® HRTM. The integrated workflow informs the supervisor to check the request and approve or disapprove it. In any case, the employee will receive the result directly. Lost leave requests are a thing of the past.


The best collection of data is only as good as the possibility to evaluate the data in a structured manner. The ISIPlus® Reporter does this job for you. As a powerful reporting solution, the Reporter creates reports about the HR times for a variety of target groups, adjusted to their needs. Combined with the role-based rights management of ISIPlus®, you create reports about staff working hours for the management team as reliably as about the accumulated working and leave times of the entire workforce.

Communicating information seamlessly

Use the flexibility of ISIPlus® and transmit the collected data to any target system. The ISIPlus® DIS makes all communication paths available to you as central communication components in order to transmit data both directly to ERP systems, such as SAP, and store them in a table in a CSV or XML file. Of course, you can also exhaust all other communication possibilities of the ISIPlus® DIS to communicate your data to wherever they are needed.

Human Resources Time Management as flexible as it is simple

The ISIPlus® HRTM provides you with the complete solution for managing your HR time. Its simple and flexible use enhances the acceptance of the system and increases productivity through the cutting of red tape and administrative tasks.


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