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Advanced Planning & Scheduling

It usually only takes a few steps from the office to the production hall. Nevertheless, the seamless flow of information between business and production process does not always run smoothly. This awareness is rapidly growing. Especially in times when cost optimisation, unconditional adherence to schedules, accurate information on delivery dates and a smooth workflow are more important than ever, ISIPlus® as the MES for the digital connection of production and management level plays a key role. In this process, ISIPlus® APS manages the vertical integration and thus the logistics networking between ERP and shop floor.

As a third-generation planning tool, it schedules the orders depending on the actually available resources and their capacities optimally in terms of time and costs. In addition to detailed scheduling, it also includes the visualisation of results in a graphic control station.

The structure and the functionality of ISIPlus® APS are oriented towards the customer-specific requirements in various industries and planning models. The planning effort (cost, time) can be considerably reduced for the user of the product. With the integrated order sequence optimisation, for example, based on an intelligent planning algorithm, re-tooling costs and processing times can be minimised resulting in further significant cost savings between 15 and 20 per cent.

Fully integrated

Simply embedding ISIPlus® APS into the complete ISIPlus product family always enables the optimum use of the given resources in the various environments and applications. Profit directly from the optimisation possibilities provided by ISIPlus® APS.


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